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Greetings clients,

We hope you’re having a warm start to 2022, wherever this letter finds you this winter. If we’ve learned anything over the last nearly two years, it’s that the world is truly unpredictable. Before we get into our 2021 recap, we want to make sure we ask an important question. Hopefully this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it from our team.

How well is Cedar Cove Wealth Partners bringing you peace of mind on your financial journey?

We welcome feedback about your experience working with our team. to your advisor or the team with anything you’d like to share about your overall experience or how we can best provide value to you. Email us at:

Here’s the recap:

We give the 2021 economy a solid A. Historic levels of monetary and fiscal support and growing COVID immunity from either vaccinations or infections have allowed manufacturers (and to a lesser extent service providers) to rebound at an unprecedented pace. However, as we begin 2022, we’re cognizant that economic expansion is slowing. Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are being managed as the pandemic enters an endemic phase. Additionally, inflation should drive the Fed to tighten monetary policy throughout the year, which will add to volatility and reduce liquidity; two factors that should temper return expectations after three consecutive years of above average returns.

The Cedar Cove team will be here to guide you along your journey this year. We encourage you to focus your attention on a in the coming months:

  • As 2022 brings yet another year of uncertainty, our team will continue to follow the plan we have helped you build using a foundation of your values and goals. While the media will continue to seek your focus with attention-grabbing headlines, know that we will actively monitor your plan and advise you to ensure your goals are achieved.
  • Review your beneficiary designations and estate planning documents each year to ensure your wishes are accurately captured and documented.
  • If you’ve experienced a significant change of your life status (marriage, divorce, new dependents, etc.), please let our team know so we can revisit your plan.
  • With tax season fast-approaching, our team has posted resources to the blog on how to access your important tax forms from Fidelity and Thrivent.

We hope that Cedar Cove has not only helped you build a plan that you can depend on, but one that brings you peace of mind. We want to express our gratitude for allowing us to be a trusted partner along your journey. In the year ahead, we’ll strive to make even greater impact on your life and our communities.


Cedar Cove Wealth Partners


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