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As Cedar Cove advisors, we are devoted to growing our own knowledge through education (Certified Financial Planner™, CFP®) to help clients align their financial decisions with their goals and values (Behavioral Financial Advisor™, BFA™).

Ben Johnson, Jennifer Cords, Chris Sipe
cove with trees, rock, and water

Cedar Cove

Cedar Cove represents the shelter, peace, and calmness found within a cove and the symbolism of strength, growth, and longevity found in a cedar tree.

We find valuable meaning in each aspect of the tree, and it ties directly to who we are as an organization. The roots pay tribute to a legacy, hidden beneath the surface, establishing the foundation. The trunk represents a solid, steady journey of growth over time, and the branches and leaves represent gratitude, wealth, and giving.

Bridging together the stability of a cedar tree with the safety a cove, these two words encompass all that Cedar Cove Wealth Partners represents to our clients and communities.

Ben, Jen, JJ, Chris

Our Story

We were founded in 1978 when Jerry “JJ” Johnson started his career with Lutheran Brotherhood. JJ began building his firm through collaborative, trusted relationships with his clients, advising them along their financial journey. One of JJ’s core advising philosophies was about integrity and it’s how we continue to operate today. He’d say, “Always do what is right for the client. Always.”

Being entrusted with clients’ finances in such a personal way was a responsibility JJ did not take lightly. To ensure stability and longevity for the promises he made to his clients, JJ knew he wanted to partner with a talented, trustworthy advisor that could continue the legacy his clients entrusted him with protecting. He was grateful that his daughter, Jennifer Cords, was best suited for the job, and she joined the team in 1999.

The two formed The Stonebridge Group and worked to build the team. Chris Sipe joined them in 2009, and JJ’s son, Ben Johnson, joined the team in 2012. The four partners worked together with mutually aligned values, while each having unique strengths and perspectives used to collectively guide clients towards financial wellness and peace of mind.

In 2020, the firm transitioned the Thrivent Advisor Network, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), allowing us to serve our clients in a more meaningful way. As part of this exciting next chapter, the firm rebranded as Cedar Cove Wealth Partners.

Today, Jen, Chris, and Ben run the firm alongside their talented team. While enjoying retirement, JJ provides ongoing consulting and advice to the team given his 40+ years as an advisor and now as a client.

We are grateful for our journey that brought us to where we are today, and we are excited about a future of guiding our clients along their own path to financial well-being.

Our Values

Our core values are steadfast and constant, tied to every relationship and decision we make.

  • Integrity

    We believe in transparency and doing the right thing in every aspect of our relationship with our clients.

  • Responsibility

    When we say we are going to do something, we do it. We keep our promises. When something needs to be made right, we own it. It is paramount that clients know we can be trusted and depended upon.

  • Collaborative relationships

    Working side by side with you and other trusted professionals (attorney, tax advisors, and other relevant experts) to coordinate your plan and accomplish your goals on your behalf.

  • Growth

    Growth is about more than just numbers on a page. It is also continually improving your relationship with money.

  • Gratitude

    Recognizing that all we have been given is a gift and demonstrating that appreciation in our lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to deeply engaged clients by partnering with them to align their goals, values, and way of life. The end result is a healthy relationship with money so that our clients live a fulfilled life of gratitude, well-being, and purpose.

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We’re motivated to create a culture of generosity with our team, our clients, and our community.

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Ben Johnson, Jennifer Cords, Chris Sipe

Thrivent partnership

As a firm of the Thrivent® Advisor Network (TAN), Cedar Cove is part of the largest network of values-driven, independent investment advisors.
Thrivent Advisor Network RIA is a registered investment advisor of Thrivent Financial.

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