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During these volatile markets and uncertain times, we have received great questions from our clients. As an ensemble team, we collaborate behind-the-scenes to discuss these questions and in how we devise planning strategies for our clients.

Below are a few videos which capture some of the internal discussions we have had centered around answering some of your great questions. We hope you find them assuring and helpful.

If you have particular questions or wish to connect to discuss your specific situation, please do not hesitate to reach out.

PS: Our teammate Chris Sipe (Founding Partner and Wealth Advisor) is not present in these videos as he is currently on paternity leave. We will have to feature him in some upcoming videos upon his return.


  • Why are my Near Term buckets going down?


  • When should we get out of the markets?


  • Everything looks scary – how do you know that it is going to be okay?


  • I’ve got excess cash – when should I put it in and what should I be putting it in?


  • I’m on the doorstep of my retirement – can I afford to stay in the market?


  • What are you actively doing to make changes?



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